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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Abbas Gets Standing Ovation at UN

"The time has come for my courageous and proud people, after decades of displacement and colonial occupation and ceaseless suffering, to live like other peoples of the earth, free in a sovereign and independent homeland."

It is a beautiful thing to witness any nation strive for liberty.

After endless massacres and endless western betrayals against his people, Mr Abbas is pushing ahead with his plan at the UN to put Palestine on the map where it damned well belongs. And what is more, he is doing it with the support of the majority of the worlds people, according to the BBC poll.

What strikes me about this current phase of the Palestinian nightmare is the extent to which the US is now looking very much like the most isolated and increasingly irrelevant nation in the developed world. One would be tempted to laugh at the suggestion of US irrelevance on the global stage were it not for the fact that America is now very much almost bankrupt and showing all the signs of an empire in colossal decline. Being isolated politically can have profound economic impact on even the largest powers on earth. Reader, America owes money to China for heaven's sakes....

When the Second World War drew to a close in 1945 it pulled down with it the British Empire, the largest the world has ever seen. Britain simply could not afford to remain overstretched in its territories stretching from the Falkland Islands right across the globe into North Africa and the Far East. Freedom came, for most British colonies, through peaceful negotiation with a Britain which had changed the world forever, establishing British legal justice and the English language in almost every corner of the globe. Palestine was to be the one territory from which the British withdrew with perhaps the greatest contempt for the occupier who supplanted them: the New Israelis. There was, and still remains, a very bitter feeling among the British political elite over the way British Mandate Palestine was engulfed in a bloodshed which saw the newly arrived Jews fleeing from the Nazi Europe engage in the worst terrorist attacks the world had ever seen.

It beggars belief to hear a man such as Benjamin Netanyahu refer to Hezbollah or Hamas as a terrorist organisation when this same man recently celebrated the King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem even though the British Foreign Office told him that the British Government found such an action to be a disgusting thought. The King David Hotel bombing saw 91 people murdered - the largest single terrorist attack the world had ever seen and it was committed not by fanatical muslims but by fanatical Israelis. This on the back of another bombing of a British embassy and a bombing of a British officers' club AND the attempted parcel bombing of the former Mandate governor, Sir John Shaw long after he had left Palestine.

To this day, London remains home to the greatest number of orientalist book dealers outside of the Middle-East; it is home to a vast academic world dedicated to the study of Islam and Arabic contributions to human society. It is a city with a vast and proud relationship of exchange with the Arabs, a relationship which saw the appearance of men such as Lawrence of Arabia, men who today would baulk at the hateful propaganda spewing out of western media outlets.

Just imagine the scenario: Obama, himself springing from two communities who know what oppression is (Black Africans and the Irish), comes to the same conclusion as every President of the United States since the disastrous creation of modern Israel, that it is best to keep the CIA hillstation than to be part of liberating an entire people.

I have no sentimental notions about Palestine; it is a nation which simply must be granted its liberty if we are to stop being murdered in London and New York. The US can veto in the UN if it wants, but demographics already dictate that Israel is doomed regardless, for Israel does not have the birth-rate nor the social stability to maintain the suicidal mission it is currently engaged in.

The French President (and why is it always the French and never the British or even the Germans?) has yet again broken the mould and spoken out against America's political myopia. One can say many things against French politics but the fact remains that in global matters of injustice they are very often the first and last voice on the side of the oppressed.

Israel's government has already confessed they have "lost the propaganda war", yet Netanyahu remains every bit the arrogant, dangerous psychopath he became the day his soldier brother Jonathan was killed in the Entebbe Airport hijacking. One must wonder what it would take for the American people to take back control of their political establishment from the AIPAC, for currently the matter is very simple - if you, as a senator or congressman, dare to speak out against the US's utterly stupid and self-defeating support of Israel you will find yourself facing a profound backlash come the elections when a nasty and violent group of pro-Israel bigots ends your chances of re-election.

America is now over two centuries old. It is time it began clinging to the virtues its Founding Fathers spoke of when proclaiming such noble aspirations as Liberty and Justice and Happiness; it is time American politics, frankly, grew up. The Empire is falling apart; it's time to take off the Emperor's New Clothes and put on something a little more practical.

For the part of the British, the sooner we see the back of Foreign Secretary William Hague the better. That man is a serious danger to British interests by virtue of the fact that he is too busy trying to make a name for himself to think long-term. When a British foreign secretary is appearing on TV every two minutes scoring points off of others and making a dick of himself by inept uses of the phrase "regional stability" then it's time someone stepped in and moved him along.

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