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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

William Hague, Order of The Brown Nose...

Hague! I keeeel you!!
On the BBC World Service today I heard that awful clip of a teenaged William Hague (British Foreign Secretary) addressing a 1977 Conservative Party conference and cracking horrendously embarrassing jokes for old people to laugh at.

Post-nonsense intro, the currently 50 year old Mr Hague referred to an invasion of Syria as "not something that could be conceived of". I love that kind of mealy-mouthed sentence...

The fact is that if the US and UK went into Syria it would trigger a joint response by both Syria and Iran, who share (and the worlds media won't tell you this) a joint defense pact. Iran, as the Iran-Iraq War demonstrated, is not a nation afraid of conflict to defend its national integrity. Iran, moreso than Syria, has the capacity and sheer quantity of money to be able to enter into a protracted and vicious war regardless of the cost. Such a war would doubtless unite all Iranians in a rally to prevent a second Iraq Catastrophe. Just as Iranian society united against deep internal divisions when Saddam attacked, so would Iranian society unite once again if the US and UK ever tried it on. The US military itself has referred to a successful ground war in Iran as "not possible".

What matters in this typical Hague-esque Newspeak episode is both the disingenuousness of talk about "invading Syria" as well as the fact that western powers do not invade nations without major, significant interests in that nation any way. Syria is not a major oil supplier to the US. Iran doesn't supply ANY oil to the US! QED neither the US nor the UK have ever had any intention of invading either Iran or Syria.

When Rwanda was torn apart and 200,000 innocent civilians were burnt alive, hacked to pieces, and killed in churches, not a single western power lifted a military digit to prevent the bloodshed. Why? Rwanda has bugger all that we own or need that we can't get somewhere else.

We didn't need to invade the Conga during that ongoing massacre because, hell, the blood diamonds are still getting to market so who cares.

And we never needed to go into Tibet because we could always get Uranium from a dozen other places.

Bashar Al-Assad is going nowhere, my good readers. He will do exactly what his father did: kill as many people as it takes to quash the uprising.

So take a look at it from on high; Libya is rapidly becoming a good source of stable, high quality oil, Iraq's pipelines are fully secured, the Al Saud family retains perfect control of their supplies, and yet there is a global economic meltdown in process...perhaps it's best to keep the marines at home this decade?

If the US/NATO/UN pours troops into South Lebanon next  time Israel obliterates 1,400+ innocent lives, then and only then can we regard western intervention as a serious quest for peace and justice on this earth. Until such an eventuality, it is business as usual for Washington, London, Paris and Moscow.

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