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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Non-story of the Week: Putin Back in Town.

Stop Press: Hatchet faced Russian to be replaced by Hatchet faced Russian

Whenever I see current Russian President/Mob Boss Medvedev (talk about a surname invented to make you mispronounce it) on the TV I smile at his amusing body language. Medvedev apparently runs Russia. Hmmm...and I am secretly the inventor of breathable oxygen.

It's not that I believe Mevdevev is an idiot (ok, I do) but it's more that his geezer-esque head jutting and neck stretching quirks are so "I'm in charge 'ere, mate!" that you can't help but check his arms for puppet strings. I picture Putin saying things to Vevdemev such as "My boy, if you behave yourself I'll let you keep the office stationery".

So Putin is back in town. Big deal; Russian society is in meltdown and has been since the communists left, leaving a moral vacuum at the heart of Russian society. Over 50% of the Russian male population is alcoholic (even higher in rural zones), the political establishment is more "rubble of roubles" than diplomacy troubles, and the economy is controlled by perhaps the most murderous and godless bunch of thugs ever to walk the good earth of Mother Russia.

If anything will change under Putin it is the following: Nothing.

I wonder how Cole Porter's "Anything Goes!" would translate into Russian...

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