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Thursday, September 29, 2011

All You Need To Know About The Creation of Israel...

In writing about the appearance of modern Israel it is hard to contain a deep-seated animosity to the nation which today stands accused of being the most vicious and dangerous small nation on the planet. When Archbishop Desmond Tutu said that Apartheid South Africa was "a walk in the park" compared to what has been done to Palestinians, we all should have sat up and taken note...

Since the fall of the Roman Empire, Jewish people as a religious or racial group had virtually no binds to the land of Palestine beyond a distant yet evocative call to Holy Jerusalem in the form most Muslims today still pray facing Mecca; Jerusalem (or Zion) was the starting point, the lost home, the heart of a shattered nation and a people flung across the globe to suffer permanent affliction as the Bible had prophesied they would.

Having settled mostly in Europe and North Africa, Jews would suffer horrendous persecution in a nightmare existence that did not end until the unspeakable crimes of the Nazi Holocaust occurred.

Having already existed as a movement since the late 19th century, Zionism as a political force took on a violent and determined streak when Jews fleeing Europe decided that Palestine was where they were going. They would never leave.

Having fought two world wars, the British Empire was overstretched and running out of money fast. In Palestine, Sir John Shaw imposed martial law on a former Ottoman colony which had lived in relative peace and stability since the end of the Ottoman Empire in the Great War of 1914-18. Now British Mandated Palestine faced a massive influx of European Jews who had absolutely no historical link to the land other than through the religious claims that God had a covenant he would keep.

It is hard to feel contempt for those fleeing massacre in Europe and yet it is hard to feel anything but contempt when one knows the facts of how the New Israelis went about creating a place of their own.

 By 1931 a group called the Irgun had been established in Palestine by Zionist extremists to fight British rule. Within a short number of years these men and women were bombing cinemas, hanging British soldiers, killing British policemen, blowing up the British embassy in Rome, and finally massacring 91 people in the King David Hotel bombing which was the single largest terrorist act the world had ever seen.

Later claims by the Hagganah (which was to become the new Israeli army) to have had nothing to do with the Irgun have been shown to be spurious lies by men who actively supported murder in the name of creating an Independent Israel. Sir John Shaw, Chief Secretary of the Mandate, would later successfully sue a British Jewish newspaper for repeating allegations by Israeli "hero" Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, that Shaw had received early warning of the attack.

Shaw would later become High Commissioner of Trinidad & Tobago where he would receive a parcel bomb from Zionist terrorists long after he had left his role in Palestine.

Estimates on the number of fatalities in Palestine vary greatly, but not one single source makes any claim other than that the greatest majority of victims were Palestinian civilians. The Deir Yassin Massacre of 1948 was to demonstrate to the world the depths to which terrorists in Israel were willing to sink, having outdone themselves the year before in what was called "The Sergeants Affair" in which two young British soldiers were imprisoned, tortured and then hanged in public, with their bodies booby trapped in order to kill British personnel who sought to take down the corpses from their hanging place.

The British, by now incapable of maintaining all of their overseas territories asked for the UN to decide the matter, and formerly declared they would not seek to renew their mandate in Palestine.

Israel was granted a nation after 18 years of massacre that left tens of thousands dead in a campaign Israelis would called glorious, and which the Arab and British peoples would see as outright murder.

The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Israel, using finances supplied to it by its friends in America, filled itself with weaponry at others' expense, engaged in wars with its neighbours which saw it extend its borders into neighbouring Arab nations, and which created a well of hatred so deep that today Israel stands as the most threatened and loathed nation in a region which has endured constant western interference since oil first flowed out of the earth of Iran over a century ago.

We see today yet another US administration held to ransom by a powerful pro-Israel lobby which can end senatorial careers in the wink of an eye. We see yet another US president initially call for justice for Palestine then (when election mania begins) slap Israeli PMs such as Netanyahu on the back to get the support of the AIPAC.

To understand the dangers to democracy in the US posed by AIPAC one need only consider that it is Jewish academics and business people who are now actively and openly attacking that organisation. From Dr Norman Finkelstein to Haim Katz, Jewish people with a concern for legitimacy and the rule of law are increasingly having the courage to stand up to the kind of corruption that is ensuring that American politicians do as Israel tells them to do if they want to stay in the Capitol.

I cannot abide by the aggravating conspiracy theories flying around the internet when it is apparent that simple facts about the pro-Israel lobby are good enough to convince even the most naive westerner of the dangers to liberty posed by fanatics trying to shore up a veto of Palestinian freedom.

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