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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Danes are taxing FAT??

When I first saw this headline I thought, "Oh for heaven's sakes, more nanny state politics".

I'm not a fan of state interference in the sphere of private consumption of legal goods, but this news item did appeal to me...

I do believe in giving people a gentle nudge away from things that cause them to live shorter, unhealthier lives. What I mean is this: tell a person to quit smoking and they will likely put their lips around a chimney and breathe in 50 kilos of tobacco smoke in one sitting. Yet tell corporations to stop raising our sodium levels and most of us will be ok with that.

The fact is that saturated fat kills far more people per annum than smoking ever did, and now that hardly anyone smokes any more (at least in the west) it is obvious that obesity has outstripped tobacco and alcohol as the number one killer.

The Danes aren't anti-fun at all; they drink like fiends. It is because of my personal experience of Danes that I actually admire this move.

But it does make the thought of having a Danish and coffee seem a little less appetising. But not as unappetising as the thought of eating a twinkie!

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