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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moderate Islam and The Tunisian Elections.

The party forecast to win the truly historic elections in Tunisia is the An-Nahda Party, a centrist Islamic party.

It bases itself on the form of Islamic politics seen in Turkey, where religious freedom is enshrined not only in law but in the spirit of the people of Turkey. Turks have no time for extremism of any kind.

VIDEO LINK HERE: To Hijab or not to Hijab; That is the Question.

I would urge you to watch the video. It will inform your opinion of what Islamic politics is and what it isn't. Just as we in Europe have Christian Democrat parties, so there exists in the Arab world a whole spectrum of religious parties which reject the same Taliban-esque rubbish we in the West reject.

I like the video because it is a behind the scenes look at the reality in Tunisia and it demonstrates the lies behind much of the western media's caricaturing of Islamic politics.

We in the west need reminding that there was a time, very recently, when our attitude toward Arabs was not dominated by right-wing, corrupt media outlets like Fox News.

We in Britain especially need to remember the contribution Arabs made to our efforts in the Great War, and the debt we owe them over our early mishandling of their road to independence. Let's not forget we were the empire masters in much of what is today the Arabic zone.

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