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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The funniest political interview on British TV ever...

Ken Livingstone has been quoted many times in saying that it's a fool who underestimates our Mayor, Boris Johnson. Having met Johnson on several occasions I have to agree with Ken (whom I actually like in equal measure and for very similar reasons) that Johnson is a shrewd man with a good mind and a slight genius for campaigns. He's also totally and utterly real; he treats everyone with equal attention (or lack of it) and you get the impression you're talking to a real human being.

To those of who who don't know, the interviewer (Jeremy Paxman) is the UK's version of Bill O'Riley; famed as a vicious political interviewer loved and loathed in equal measure.

If both Boris's intellect and humanity don't get him re-elected then it'll be a sad day for London. We've probably not had a politician this popular this St Tony Blair came to power in 97.

Paxman ended up in fits of laughter the last time he interviewed Boris and it happens again here!

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