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Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Videos That Will Make You Glad You Check This Blog...

I urge you to watch this videos and ask yourself one question: Is my life really that bad? These videos will make you glad to be alive and they will make you like Ross Capicchioni a great deal. You won't forget this guy.

I think what strikes me most about this man's story is the complete control he has over self-expression and the extent to which he has overcome an absolutely awful experience in order to rise up and find new life. Having had to do this myself on five occasions I can relate to his story perfectly. It never gets any easier, but your learn to lessen the impact of trauma in life.

To be this young and have such a strong sense of gratitude is a gift and a choice. For the latter he deserves to be crowned by the universe.

Amazing guy. Enjoy the videos.

--PART 1--

--PART 2--

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