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Friday, October 14, 2011

UK Defence Secretary Resigns In Scandal

 Having initially stated that I didn't think this newsworthy, I hereby retract my comments and agree that Liam Fox was right to leave office.

He did it a damned sight quicker that Geoff Hoon did, even though Hoon pushed us into an illegal war in Iraq that has left 112,000 Iraqi civilians dead.

This whole story with Fox just seems a little more...curious, shall we say. He angrily denied there was any private nature to the events, yet one can't help but wonder about the hold Mr Werritty had over him that after a lifetime in politics Fox acted so foolishly.

But kudos to Fox for at the very least living up to the principles he laid at the door of other politicians. I'm no fan of his, yet I do think some recognition of the speed with which he made his decision needs to be noted.

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