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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Destruction of Arabic Jerusalem.

You probably don't know this (most westerners don't), but East Jerusalem is where the international community says the capital of Palestine must be.

Given that this is a fundamental principle of the world's stance on Israel you ought to know that a bigotted, sectarian Israeli group called Elad has for several years been creating a settlement in the heart of East Jerusalem to dig up the city and claim intense archaeological necessity has caused the influx of "settlers" into an ancient Arabic district of the city.

It's ethnic cleansing. And it has the backing of Netanyahu and the Mayor of Jerusalem.

So take a look at what a courageous Jewish-Israeli archaeologist thinks of all this:

I subscribe to the daily newsletter from Silwan. I urge you to do so, and to send them your support. These people's kids are arrested and shot at almost daily:

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